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Rob Magson's 1979 Carlight Continental

The club was formed in 1962 as a focus for Carlight enthusiasts. We welcome anyone with an interest in Carlight Caravans to join. If you are a Carlight owner you join as a full member at an annual subscription of just 10. Others are welcome to join as associate members, at a lower subscription, but are obviously not eligible to bring a caravan to our rallies. Former full members who have retired from caravanning form a third member group.

Rob Magson's 1996 Carlight Commander

We organize two rallies per year in different parts of the country. The first is in May and the second in September. This timetable is partly for historic reasons and has become a 'tradition' of the club. It enables members to undertake a main season of caravanning with their family or regional club. Our Spring 2012 rally was the 50th anniversary of the club's foundation.

Peter White's 1972 Carlight Caribbean

Carlight caravans are made by Carlight Caravans near Sleaford. In 2013, Carlight began to sell a 'New Generation' model, which is quite different from their previous caravans. We maintain informal links with the Carlight Enthusiasts'Club (CEC), which has a larger membership and holds more rallies. While both clubs cater for all ages of caravan, it seems to have worked out in practice that the smart, newer caravans belong to Enthusiasts' Club members while many of the 'classic' models are in the hands of Owners' Club members.

For further information please contact the secretary, Dan Clough: 1, John Port Close, Etwall, Derbyshire, DE65 6NU; telephone +44 (0) 1283 730487; email: danclough@hotmail.co.uk Charles Thisling's 1978 Casetta

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